Ride Through the Sonoran Sunrise

There’s something wonderfully indescribable about watching the sunrise over the mountains in the Sonoran Desert.

The way the inky night transitions from black to purple to early morning blue, against a rust-colored backdrop of cactus covered sandstone, is a sight unlike any in the world.

A sight like that is why riding a motorcycle here is about avoiding freeways as much as possible in favor of long-stretches of sparsely populated road.

Imagine sitting in the saddle, cruising up through Rio Verde to Fountain Hills in the early morning sun, before carrying on along the Beeline in all its high-desert majesty.

See yourself avoiding the beaten path by riding from Yarnell to Prescott, Prescott to Skull Valley, and then onward to the famed old-mining town of Jerome.

To have the freedom to take in such a vibrant tapestry of color and life every single morning is what makes living in Scottsdale, Arizona so special. And it’s why the owners of 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13 took the time and the effort to maintain such a spectacular garage, filled with meticulously kept BMW bikes.

For the motorcycling enthusiast, this is a home without equal, where an hours long ride is less of a suggestion and more of a weekly mandate.

Although located in Scottsdale, the home not far from the town of Cave Creek, a haven for several annual bike events, Harley-gatherings, and biker bars like the Roadhouse Cave Creek Bike Week, and The World Famous Hideaway Grill. It is this kind of proximity makes 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13 the perfect place for two-wheeled mavens.

To learn more about life at 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13, be sure to click here.

Championship Golf & Courses In Your Own Backyard

Of the many reasons Scottsdale owns a claim to fame, the city just east of state capital Phoenix is perhaps most well-known for being a golfer’s paradise.

Whether you’re swinging away from the pro tees or the lady’s box, Scottsdale has an unending array of nine and eighteen-hole courses suited to meet the needs of any handicap.

So, why so many golf courses and clubs?

The weather.

Desert Highlands Desert and Mountian Views.jpg

With an average annual high of 84.7°F, and an average annual low of 60.4°F, Scottsdale is never too hot or too cold to get in a round of golf. More importantly, the region only sees about 10 inches of rain spread across 36 of the year’s 365 days, and features almost 4,000 annual hours of sunshine.

The weather is the reason Scottsdale is a golfing mecca, and the reason the PGA Tour’s most popular and well-attended event is located right inside The West’s Most Western Town.

Fondly known as “The Greatest Show on Grass”, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the PGA Tour’s signature events with both players and fans.

Held at TPC Scottsdale from January 29 through February 4, 2018, the tournament is also known as “The People’s Tournament” for its open encouragement of fan participation and interaction with players—a stark contrast to almost every other event on the Tour.

The casual and relaxed atmosphere of the tournament—a distinct reflection of the laid-back Sonoran lifestyle the region has become so well known for—make The Waste Management Phoenix Open the most heavily attended golf tournament in the entire world.

To help you get ready and excited for this year’s tournament, here are some other fun “Did You Know?” facts...

Fact #1 – Celebrity participation just gets better

Every year, a number of celebrities who take their golf game seriously are invited to participate in the annexus Pro-Am Waste Management Phoenix Open, and 2018’s tournament will be no different. This year celebrity participation will be highlighted by Michael Phelps (the most decorated Olympian of all-time), NFL Hall-Of-Famer Emmitt Smith, MLB Hall-Of-Fame pitcher Greg Maddux, NFL Hall-of-Fame Wide Receiver Tim Brown, Olympic Gold Medal winner and skiing bad-boy Bode Miller, and Lady Antebellum star Charles Kelley.

Fact #2 – This is one of the oldest events on the PGA Tour

Even though The Phoenix Open owns a youthful, electrifying energy, it’s actually an older-fella—one of the oldest on tour as a matter of fact. The 2018 tournament will be the 83rd playing of the event.

Fact #3 – The fans really do show-up

Without fail, more than a half a million PGA Tour fans show up for the Phoenix Open every single year. And given that last year’s event brought in 655,434 people, it’s safe to assume 2018 won’t have any trouble eclipsing the well-established 500,000-person watermark.

Fact #4 – The fans can bring the noise

Unlike every other professional golf tournament in the world where fans are hushed to stillness and silence by ushers with “quiet please” signs, The Phoenix Open invites fans to bring the noise. The 16th hole (a.k.a. “The Coliseum”) is of particular fame, and widely regarded as the loudest hole in golf.

Fact #5 – The tournament is an incredible fundraiser

The Phoenix Open raises a remarkable amount of money for charity. Through 2016, the tournament generated more than $111 million dollars for various local organizations including Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics Arizona, and the Junior Golf Association of Arizona.

Fact #6 – Locals have a distinct advantage

When you’re a local, everything about attending the Phoenix Open is easier. Not only can you avoid the headache and hassle of trying to book flights and a hotel room, but you can just jump in your car, drive to TPC Scottsdale, park at the tournament (for free by the way) and buy a ticket right at the gate.

If you’re looking to create the luxurious golfing lifestyle you’ve always wanted, consider reaching out to the team at LuxLivingAZ. We feature some of the finest active properties in the Valley, and would be more than happy to help you find a home—be it a downtown condominium or a sprawling estate—that exceeds your wildest expectations.

Why Your Cars Love The Southwestern Lifestyle.

During the month of January, there’s one thing and one thing only on the minds of the Valley residents and visitors:


At the beginning of the year it’s all about the cars here, and if you doubt it, take one look at two of the season’s biggest events:

The Russo and Steele Car Auction and The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.


These two signature events are a car-lover’s dream. They are more than an opportunity to see and buy some of the world’s finest cars, they’re a full-on automotive lifestyle immersion, where thousands of cars, and tens of thousands of aficionados can freely mix and mingle.

But why Scottsdale and Phoenix?

What makes these favorite Valley cities such an appealing destination for motorheads and car collectors?

The first is the culture.

Greater Phoenix (which includes Scottsdale) is awash with people who take great pride in the cars they own. From “every day” luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW to the exotics like Ferrari and Lamborghini, the people who live in greater Phoenix invest a lot of time, money, and energy into keeping their cars in tip-top shape.

kaboompics_Breaklight of the car BMW i8.jpg

Secondly, the weather is impossible to beat.

Crisp, clean, moisture-free air makes the southwestern desert the ideal environment for luxury car ownership. Whether parking outdoor or indoors, you can park with confidence knowing that your glimmering machine isn’t going to be soiled by rain, soot, snow, or ice.

Thirdly, the roads and the VERY minimal traffic.

Greater Phoenix is one of the best places to drive in the country and Scottsdale’s traffic is one of the lowest ranked in the country (in the top 10 best cities with least traffic in the U.S.) The roads are in good condition, and the weather is more than predictable. Most importantly, the region has long, flat stretches of open road—perfect for those owners and enthusiasts who want to test their ability to get from 0 to 60 as quickly as possible.

Finally, there’s the simple reality that real estate in the Valley often comes part and parcel with at least one truly great garage, and a gorgeous garage is something every car-lover aspires to have.

Some of the very best garages on the market can be found on E Happy Valley Road, where many of Scottsdale’s most exclusive residents reside.

At 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 2, a racing-inspired, hot rod red two-car show garage is one of the property’s signature features (home features a total of 7 garage parking spots).

The same can be said of 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 13, with its climate-controlled show garage that opens to a “man cave” ready game room.

These are just two of the many stellar examples that Scottsdale can offer aspiring residents who want more than a home for themselves—they want a home for their prized collectables as well.

A Sommelier’s Special Place

When asked to describe his favorite beverage, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin remarked, “Wine makes daily living easier [and] less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” And as anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass or two can attest, Mr. Franklin’s words are undeniably true.

Wine enhances every meal, every experience, and every aspect of life.


Is it any wonder then why a wine room enhances every home?

And for an exemplary example, one need look no further than the wine room of 5676 E Cheney Drive.

For family and friends who want to enjoy those warm, laughter-filled, wine-fueled conversations, the wine room at 5676 E Cheney Drive is an ideal gathering place.


With its carefully poured concrete flooring, meticulously bricked arch ceiling, and Bas-relief bust of Bacchus—the famed Roman God of agriculture, wine and fertility—set into the natural stone of Mummy Mountain, few of 5676 E Cheney Drive’s rooms can match the wine room for late-night ambiance.

Library Love

To grasp the sophistication and utility a library brings to a luxury home, consider the stately design of the library at 5676 E Cheney Drive.


Conceptualized and constructed by one of Arizona’s most prestigious homebuilders (Salcito Homes), this is a library of taste, with every detail planned to painstaking perfection. Note the craftsmanship of the carpentry across the ceiling, and the wood panels inlaid with copper around the library’s fireplace. These aren’t just details, they are judiciously planned accents that elevate the look and feel of the entire space.


Of these accents, none surpass the art glass pocket doors designed by Bob Berg of Chanikva Studio.


The “Master of the Southwest” according to Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, Bob crafted these doors to accentuate the esthetics of the natural world, and bring the outside in. From the library’s main desk, one can take in the majestic views of Mummy mountain or the inspired views of Paradise Valley’s beauty—bright, blue days, followed by storied, sparklingly nights—making this an ideal room for contemplation and inspiration.

A Theater Worthy of the Silver Screen

After hiking the endless trails of Camelback Mountain, or playing 18 on one of Phoenix’s legendary golf courses, there’s nothing like coming home for a little rest and relaxation.


And where better to enjoy that rest and relaxation than the luxurious home theater located at 5676 E Cheney Drive—a full-on cinematic venue, perfect for your favorite movie or your favorite sporting event.

A picturesque blend of opulence and comfort, the theater at 5676 E Cheney Drive comes with reclining leather chairs and matching ottomans. High-quality surround sound brings the big screen to life, and a candy concession stand complete with a popcorn machine and soda fountain authenticates the in-theater experience.


Of course, owning the very best add-ons and amenities can only do so much to enhance the entertainment experience of an at-home theater—the rest has to come from the design of the room itself.

Fortunately, the original architects and builders didn’t overlook the importance of design, blueprinting a room capable of meeting the expectations of even the most discerning movie-goers. Not only is the room shaped to ensure optimal amplification and distribution of sound, it is also designed to reflect the physical environment of the movie theater itself with padded fabric paneling, wall-mounted light fixtures, and a retractable curtain for the screen.

Dining Alfresco Year-round

When it comes to weather, few states—if any—can compete with the ideal, year-round climate that Arizona affords.

In Arizona, there is no “offseason.” 

Outdoor activities abound whether it’s July or January, from mountain biking, trail running, to golf and skiing (yes, it snows in Arizona).

Simply put, if there is something you want to do, and you want to be able to that “thing” whenever you want, there is no better place to live than Arizona.

No one knows this better than the residents of the Valley, who have the freedom to host friends and family for alfresco dining from January 1st all the way through December 31st year-in and year-out.

These homes are ideal examples of patio dining – private dining at  8400 E Dixileta Drive, or a group hosting during Thanksgiving at 5676 E Cheney Drive.

Both properties dabble in the extraordinary, offering utterly lavish outdoor spaces that can entertain morning, noon, or night.

Or consider the expansive grounds of 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2, open and pristine, just perfect for hosting seasonal garden parties, or large, family cookouts.

Speaking of cooking, envision the ease of hosting a mid-winter barbecue on a grill like the one included with 9701 E Happy Valley Road #13. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy the view while you impress them with your mastery of the grill.

Not interested in cooking outside your indoor kitchen? Not to worry. An inviting rooftop view like the one available at 2211 E Camelback Road, #1101 makes a perfect venue for early evening canapés or after-dinner digestifs.

In Arizona, alfresco dining is truly is a year-round lifestyle everyone craves.


A Sense of Place Poolside

When most parts of the country are shivering underneath blankets of snow and plunging temperatures, our Valley—the crown jewel of The Grand Canyon State—is sitting pretty (if you doubt it, just take a peek at 2211 E Camelback Road).

With average winter temperatures hovering at a comfortable 76° F, the Greater Phoenix area is the ultimate place to live for those looking to take full-advantage of year-round poolside living.

What do we mean by “year-round poolside living”?

We mean being able to spend the Thanksgiving lounging poolside with your closest friends and family.

We mean coming home from a day at the office, long meetings, or day-filled to-dos to relax on sunsets filled pool deck and an outdoor dining experience.


We mean taking a healthy, mid-afternoon swim underneath the shining sun in the middle of January, when the rest of the country only dreams of paradise-like escape.

In Arizona—and here in the Valley in particular—this type of lifestyle really is attainable. Envision how incredible it would be to call a home like 8400 E Dixileta Drive yours. Or what it might be like to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of 29119 N 71st Place.


These are just a small sample of the highly desirable homes that are available in the Valley for those who want to enjoy poolside living, 365 days a year.

We saved the best for last—9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2.

Surrounded by a verdant lawn and awe-inspiring views of both Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain, 9701 E Happy Valley Road #2 is (like its neighbor Lot #13 just up the road) an idyllic venue to enjoy a swim.

Our invitation stands as we tour you virtually throughout our favorite homes—if you want poolside living to be a part of your everyday life, you need to make an Arizona home like THIS your everyday residence.


Hillside Living with Architectural Elegance

In choosing a home site, the original owners of 5676 E Cheney Drive sought to accomplish two things:

Secure one of the highest sites in Paradise Valley so they could enjoy a serene home with unrivaled views of an endless landscape.


Inspire an artistically-gifted builder to create a hillside home that tastefully reflected the strong features of Mummy Mountain.

And in examining 5676 E Cheney Drive today, it’s clear they accomplished both objectives.


Positioned high on Mummy Mountain and centered on jaw-dropping views, 5676 E Cheney Drive is the man-made embodiment of beautiful simplicity, designed to make use of timeless elements of style like glass, wood, stone, and copper.

When you walk through 5676 E Cheney Drive, you’ll have no trouble noticing the meticulously placed copper inlays inside the cherry wood paneling, or the natural outcroppings of granite, quartz, and schorl on the back patio. These are genuine Arizona accents that fully embrace what nature has already spent millennia perfecting.

For The Equestrian In You

For serious equestrians, it’s not enough to own a piece of luxury real estate. They need to own the perfect property.

A piece of property that is not only close to world-class riding facilities, but set into a landscape that is simultaneously beautiful and conducive to year-round riding. And that’s what makes North Scottsdale such an amazing place for equestrians in need of a place to call home. 

The riding community of North Scottsdale offers a friendly, down-home environment that caters to both serious competitors and weekend-riding amateurs. Riders have unrivaled access to barns, covered arenas, backcountry trails, polo fields, and a bevy of equine-related services, thanks to the region’s penchant for equestrianism. 

More importantly, coming to this community as an equestrian affords immediate entry into an appealing and inviting social circle of horse lovers. Indeed, Arizona truly is “horse country,” and North Scottsdale a place that can only be described as an equestrian paradise, with properties that offer everything a horse, and its rider, could ever need to form an unbreakable bond.  

Of equestrian-friendly properties that are worth considering in North Scottsdale, 9701 E Happy Road no. 2 is a parcel that commands attention. 

Built on 4+ acres, 9701 E Happy Road no. 2 is for the equestrian who only wants to be a few minutes away from some of Arizona’s top breeders, barns, trainers, and training facilities. 

Inside, the home owns a distinctly “hacienda-feel”, with various accessories and stylings carefully selected by the home’s current owners to cater to the pureblooded equestrian. 

Whether relaxing by the fireplace in the warmly inviting living room, or lounging outside, underneath the watchful gaze of Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain in the distance, 9701 E Happy Road no. 2 is a 4.39-acre slice of southwestern perfection. 

Best of all, 9701 E Happy Road no. 2 puts the authentic western equine experience at your fingertips. Just jump in the car and drive 20-minutes north to Cave Creek, an old-school western town with classic cowboy bars and an inviting atmosphere, where you can see people riding their horses to lunch any day of the week.

Frank Lloyd Wright Turns 150

Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

Nearly a month removed from his June 8th birthdate, celebrations are still on-going (deservedly so) for architectural legend, Frank Lloyd Wright. He was born in Spring Green, Wisconsin in 1867, would have turned 150 this year.

Considered by many in the industry to be the finest architect in America’s centuries-old history, Wright started his professional journey in 1887 with a Chicago apprenticeship. That forgettable apprenticeship would blossom into a career spanning the entirety of the United States.

The style that is his signature—an open building plan that effortlessly blends interior architecture with the exterior environment—is readily present in each of his more than 500 buildings, including Falling Water in Pennsylvania, the Marin Civic Center in California, and Taliesin West right here in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Located at the foot of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountain, Taliesin West was built to be both Wright’s winter home and his second architectural school.

And what a school it was. With the help of his students, Wright sketched what would become the Guggenheim Museum (New York) while teaching at Taliesin West.

Today, the property is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation which works to “inspire the world through beautiful spaces that are thoughtfully designed and experienced,” while simultaneously “preserving [both] Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations.”

The Foundation bent over backwards to call attention to Wright’s 150th birthday. In addition to offering tours of Taliesin West for just $1.50, the Foundation also organized marquee events across the country like the five month-long Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

For locals living in Scottsdale and Phoenix, the ability to visit and tour Taliesin West is just one of the many perks of living in the region.

To learn about some of the other things that make living in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area so incredible—including a strong economy, a local government that's focused on job-creation, and a hands-off approach to homeownership that's built on an unshakable belief in low-taxes—be sure to read this.

A Home Worthy of Pebble Beach’s Concours d'Elegance

This August, automotive aficionados, car collectors, and gearheads from across the United States will descend on the otherwise sleepy town of Monterey, California for one of the most prestigious events in the transportation industry—the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, presented by RM Sotheby’s.

For more than 50 years, this event has hosted some of the finest cars the world has ever seen, including the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce Roadster, the 1966 Ferrari 330 P4 Drogo Spyder, 1937 Delahaye 135 M Figoni et Falaschi Cabriolet, and this year’s headliner—the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta.

Is it any wonder why the Financial Times calls Concours “…the #1 event of its type in the world,” and the Wall Street Journal refers to it as “…the world’s best annual display of historic and beautiful cars”?

The 2017 Concours—held on August 20th—will see 200 collector cars parked across the world-famous 18th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links, and competitively judged on their grace, elegance, condition, and adherence to historical accuracy.

Although Sunday is the true day of the Concours, the entire week leading up is the pinnacle of panache.

Consider Friday the 18th, for example, when guests can attend a number of signature events including:

From 8am-3pm at the Nicklaus Club, judges will evaluate a fleet of BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes-Benz, and Audis to determine who really is the king of the world’s most famous roadway.

Hosted by the Porsche Club of America, the Werks Reunion is an all-day affair, from 7am-4pm. During that time, attendees can admire the latest releases from Porsche, take-in a number of special vehicle presentations, and possibly spot a celebrity guest or two.

Have a need for speed? The head over to Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove from 1pm to 5:30pm, for an auto rally that will feature more than 200 utterly unforgettable cars.

Admire the very best in exotics from 3pm-8pm, on the same Cannery Row made famous by author John Steinbeck. This rare-car showcase is completely open to the public and will feature more than 300 supercars, hyper-cars, and exotics.

Whether you’re in the midst of assembling your own unique car collection, or already have one well-established, the Concours is an event you cannot afford to miss. Every year, RM Sotheby’s auctions off a roster of practically unattainable automobiles that are impossibly difficult to find anywhere other than this magnificent seaside sale.

And speaking of magnificent, there’s only one listing on the Scottsdale marketplace that has a garage worthy of any new automotive acquisitions made at the Concours—9701 E Happy Valley Road, No. 2.

Built by Garage Mahals, this racing-inspired, hot-rod red, show garage is the perfect place to store your automotive works of art when they’re not out cruising long, flat stretches of open road that dot Greater Phoenix.

This luxury garage is a true extension of the home itself—9,000+ square feet of desert paradise. Envisioned, designed, and built by Gary Gietz, this elegant, 4.39-acre North Scottsdale property owns marquee amenities that cater to those with more discerning tastes—artisan wood finishes, Cantera flooring, and signature views of Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain throughout.

When you’re done motoring for the day, relax outside with your favorite beverage by the terraced fountain, or take a refreshing dip in the glittering pool.

For more information about 9701 E Happy Valley Road, No. 2, please contact Tricia Cormie at 602.359.6988 or tricia.cormie@russlyon.com

Unbeatable Lifestyle of Las Sendas

When it comes to offering an unbeatable lifestyle, few Arizona communities can compete with the majesty of Las Sendas.  The community is ideally located just 20 minutes from both the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and the Mesa-Gateway Airport allowing residents and their guests easy access to this spectacular Arizona home.

This master-planned community is more than a place to live, it’s a place to feel alive, with top-tier workout facilities, entertaining social clubs, and a world-class spa.

Golf, tennis, and swimming are just a handful of the endless activities that await homeowners each and every day in this master planned desert oasis. After waking up to scenic mountain and valley views, take a stroll along any of Las Sendas’ breathtakingly beautiful desert walkways, or head straight to the community’s northern boundary—the Tonto National Forest—for a little bit of Sonoran serenity.

When the itch of adventure needs to be scratched, jump in the car and make your way to the Apache Trail—less than a half-hour ride away.

One of the most popular hikes in the greater Phoenix area, the Apache Trail is an opportunity to walk the same centuries-old path once traveled by local Native American tribes and early American gold prospectors. 

While traversing the trail, take note of the eerily-quiet Superstition cliffs that climb more than 2,000 feet above the trailhead. Buried somewhere into that wall of rock, rests the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine—one of the most sought-after mines in the southwest.

If hiking isn’t of interest, cool-off with a floating picnic along the Salt River—a favorite summertime activity amongst Las Sendas’ residents—or visit the shooting and archery ranges located at Usary Mountain Regional Park.

Flawless and artistically sculptural, this unique Arizona paradise home is desert living at its finest where the exterior and interior will meet all of your outdoor-indoor needs.

Desert Gardens That Impress

Gardens in the southwest have some of the most impressive blooms in the country. There’s a reason Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is ranked as the 4th Best Botanical Garden in the United States.

Bright, blue skies, soul-warming daytime temperatures, and the remnants of invigorating winter rains create a perfect storm for blossoms that is difficult to replicate anywhere in nature. For the at-home desert gardener, there are plenty of drought-resistant, brightly blooming species—including Datura, Penstemon, Prickly Pear, Salvia, and Primrose—that are easy to plant, and even easier to maintain in an arid environment.

These regional blooms are extensively-adored across the southwest, and are well-known for their ability to transform desert gardens into a vibrant, charming, landscape.

As an example of what can be accomplished look at the Sonoran-styled garden of 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 2—one of the most desirable properties on the Scottsdale market. This is a garden that translates the color and form of native desert species like saguaro and yucca, into breathtaking aesthetics that noticeably contribute to an already impressive 4.39-acre estate.

Moving along the covered rear patio, the meticulous interplay between the general landscaping, raised terraces, and earthen pottery is a sight to behold (as is the sweeping vista of Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain in the distance). It is an idyllic marriage of manufactured style and natural beauty that hosts a remarkable collection of drought tolerant plants, including grasses (like Mexican feather grass), succulents (like agave), perennials (like desert marigold), and deliciously edible herbs (like Mexican tarragon).

Lounging out by the swimming pool, it’s impossible to avoid the springy aroma of the Lady Bank Rose that covers the pavilion’s open roof. Nor is it possible to overlook the strategic incorporation of a traditional lawn which, surprisingly, does not have an astronomical impact on the property’s water usage, with water bills average under $295.00 monthly.

While these horticultural revelations about life in the southwest may come as a surprise, their surprising nature doesn’t make them any less true. If you’re a current (or aspiring) Scottsdale resident with a prominent green thumb, remember that absolutely stunning floral arrays and springtime blooms can be cultivated anywhere. Even here in the desert.

The Ultimate Desert Oasis Guesthouse

Special Luxuries For Your Guests

For a luxury estate to truly have a sense of stateliness, it needs three things:

The first?—an prominent primary house. The second?—a sizable lot. The third and final ingredient?—a guesthouse that is both unique and standalone.

Now, the first ingredient is fairly easy to attain. Here in the Scottsdale area, there are a wealth of properties offering magnificent main houses.

But, the second and third component—the offering of a 4.39 acre estate in a gated community in zip code 85255 with both location and stellar views is a find and the unique, standalone guesthouse—is less easily found and even more rarely acquired.

Stated simply, it is exceptionally difficult to find a property offering all three of the necessary ingredients of stateliness. 

And that’s what makes the opportunity at 9701 E Happy Valley Rd No. 2 so enticing.

It is one of those rare moments where a truly exclusive, and utterly unforgettable estate has become available to the market. 

9701 E Happy Valley Rd No. 2  has the main residence.

It has the lot. 

And it has the distinctive, detached guesthouse. 

In fact, one might argue that the guesthouse is THE signature feature of the entire property. 

Designed by Janet Brooks and styled with a distinctly vibrant Casablancan-flair, this 1,129-square foot Scottsdale guesthouse offers a fun, energy-infused appeal.

Though the one-bedroom guesthouse only occupies a sliver of the more than 4.39-acre lot, it’s an ideally sized companion for the Gary Gietz-designed 9,000 square-foot main house. As someone once put it, “the guesthouse at 9701 is the perfect place for hosting friends and family without actually ‘hosting’ them…it’s a self-contained getaway.”

In fact, there may be no better way to describe the guesthouse than that. It really is its own on-property escape, where guests have everything they need at their fingertips.

After waking up in the generously sized bedroom (complete with a full en-suite bathroom, and walk-in closet), occupants have the freedom do whatever they want, from preparing a sumptuous breakfast in the guest kitchen, to an early-AM yoga on the covered, private patio.

Guests can traverse the canterra stone floors of the great room (and the space’s vividly colorful, Moroccan-themed décor) with their steaming cup of coffee, open the French doors, and step outside for commanding southerly views of the desert sun rising over the property. It could be the most charming morning vista in all of Scottsdale. 

When morning rituals are complete, enjoying the day is made unconscionably easy. Guests can explore the vibrant estate grounds by moving down the lazy river-flanked steps towards the verdant garden and glittering pool. Or, they can escape the property altogether by heading into the guesthouse two-vehicle show garage (designed with a race-inspired, hot-rod red theme by Garage Majhal), and driving into Scottsdale for some authentic Arizona adventures. 

Ideal Scottsdale Living

When it comes to wintertime getaways, Scottsdale has an iconic reputation.

Not only does the city own some of the most prestigious golf courses and hotels in the nation, but it boasts practically perfect weather year-round.

Because of its incredible weather and wealth of activities it is both a well-known (and sought-after) vacation spot and a spectacular place for full-time living. 

Space to Stretch

With less than 250,000 people, Scottsdale balances an urban feeling with laid back living. Scottsdale residents can enjoy the many natural wonders such as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve with its 30,000-plus acres of pristine, southwestern landscape.

The preserve provides native wildlife—like roadrunners and bobcats—with plenty of natural habitat and also provides local residents with more than 180 miles of trails for hiking and biking (an offering few cities in America can compete with).

Close-Knit Communities

Every city has neighborhoods and communities, but few have communities that are as closely-knit as Scottsdale. As an example, look at Ironwood Village, a collection of beautifully built properties quietly tucked away into the McDowell Mountain foothills.

Like many Scottsdale communities, Ironwood Village is a beautiful tapestry of the urban and natural, where abundant amenities are seamlessly situated next to natural desert flora.

Or consider DC Ranch—another one of Scottsdale’s established communities peppered with neighbors that’ve become lifelong friends.

Surrounded by both the serene (the McDowell Sonoran Preserve) and the social (Market Street—a mixed-use street dotted with restaurants, shops, offices and more), DC Ranch is a community any homeowner would be happy in.

pexels-photo-323910 (1).jpeg

Everyday Amenities

Despite its modest population size, Scottsdale has everything a new homeowner could need, including more than 800 restaurants, 70 art galleries, high-street fashion houses, a lively music scene, a vibrant nightlife, and a number of fantastic health clubs and spas, none more appealing than The Village Health Clubs and Spas.

With locations in Camelback, Gainey Ranch, DC Ranch and Chandler, “The Village” (as it’s known by locals) is an ideal place to mix, mingle, exercise with vigor, or relax with intent.

Astounding Extras

From the local school system—which features the #1 high school (BASIS Scottsdale) in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News—to regional events like the Tour De Scottsdale and the Waste Management Open at the TPC,  Scottsdale is stacked with special little extras.

Incredible Homes

The local real estate market has a number of idyllic properties that perfectly encapsulate the luxury of southwestern living.

Properties like 9423 E Rosemonte Drive.

Constructed in one of the aforementioned Scottsdale communities (Ironwood Village), this is a home flanked by a number of amenities including Market Street, highway 101, the McDowell Mountain Preserve, Village Health Club (DC Ranch), golf courses, Windgate Pass, and more.

With five bedrooms, three baths, and a glistening Pebble-Tec pool, 9423 E Rosemonte Drive is reflective of the “spacious Sonoran” theme found in so many of the region’s homes.

Not a bad thing for aspiring Scottsdale homeowners who like a little room to stretch.

Fitness Rooms To Inspire & Motivate You Daily

When people think Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, they naturally think of sparkling pools and verdant, ideally manicured fairways. And why wouldn’t they, greater Scottsdale is home to several world-class golf courses and some of the finest pool-centered luxury real estate in the country. 

But with its beautiful vistas, immaculate weather, sensational flora, and vibrant fauna—including coyotes and road runners—greater Scottsdale is so much more than golf and swimming…

…it is an indisputable paradise for hikers, bikers, and general outdoor enthusiasts as well. 

From Pinnacle Peak to Camelback Mountain to the McDowell Sonoran Reserve Gateway, this region is absolutely mapped with trails and non-motorized escapes just begging for exploration. 

But exercise need not be limited to off-property pursuits.

Plenty of home’s in greater Scottsdale come with their own fitness facilities in-house. 

The house at 9701 E Happy Valley is for the serious athlete who understand health and wellness are more than choices, they are perspectives that translate to more than physical fitness. From sit-ups and pullups to weighted rows and squats, this workout room offers everything you need to get a deep burn. Set your favorite workout tunes and enjoy Pinnacle Peak mountain view as backdrop. 

Just off the his in the his and hers offices are the exercise spaces of 6151 Caballo. 

The first, an air-conditioned solarium. A unique but versatile space, this room is currently outfitted to suit cycling enthusiasts though it could quickly and easily be repurposed for any other athletic endeavor. 

Floor to ceiling glass bring the verdant outdoors in, and allow the perfect amount of Arizona light to fill the room at all times of day. It is a man-meets-nature environment that’s truly second to none.

The second, a mirror-clad exercise studio that feels both personal and professional. Whether your preferred form of fitness is weight-based, cardio-based, yoga-based, or some combination thereof, this bright, spacious room can adapt to any exercise-specific need. 

Nestled in the perfect community amidst an elite enclave of homes, the fitness center at 15883 N 107th of Castle Chase at McDowell Mountain Ranch is the ideal place for homeowners to get a workout. 

With ellipticals, stationary bikes, and machines for weights, there’s something for everyone. 

Not interested in staying inside the state of the art fitness center to exercise?

Then get outside for a tennis match or a game of pick-up basketball. Go for a swim in McDowell Mountain Ranch community pool, or take advantage of the property’s numerous hiking trails and walking paths.  

Whatever you want to do in the way of fitness, this property provides.

Set inside the guard-gated community of Desert Highlands, 10040 E Happy Valley Road #635 owns exercise amenities of an uncommon distinction. 

Desert Highlands Club features a sensational pool and large spacious workout facility with state of the art machines for every conceivable use. Additionally, Desert Highlands maintains numerous hiking and biking trails, as well as expertly manicured lawns for tennis, on-par with those of the All-England Club. 

Having said all that, the favorite form of fitness at Desert Highlands is—without question—golf, played on the property’s Jack Nicholas Signature course. 

Walk from fairway to fairway encumbered only by the stillness of the Sonoran Desert and the striking majesty of Pinnacle Peak.

A Luxury Wardrobe Deserves a Luxury Dressing Room

No master bedroom can consider itself complete without the addition of a dream-come-true dressing room. The type of dressing room that simultaneously catalogs every element of your wardrobe with meticulous precision and complete convenience.

The three-keys to creating a luxury residential dressing room are simple. They are: Lavish, Lighting, and Legroom.

Outside of the bedroom, the dressing room is where you should feel the most comfortable. There should be plenty of Legroom to twist, turn, try-on, slip-off, and get ready for the day. After all, a dressing room without legroom isn’t a dressing room at all—it’s a glorified closet. 

And when it comes to getting ready for the day, luminous Lighting is everything. It is the key to making sure clothes are wrinkleless, shoes are scuff-free, accessories are sparking, and the entire outfit is coming together in harmony. 

No dressing room is complete without an ample splash of Lavish. This means shoe shelving, rods for high-hanging garments, dressing tables with chairs, ample cabinetry, and maybe even an island. 

When all three elements of the ideal dressing room come together, it creates something beyond expression—you simply need to see it to believe it. 

9701 E Happy Valley Lot 2

There is no disguising the centerpiece of this luxury dressing room—the partitioned, 9-row shoe shelf is a show-stopping sight to behold.  From heels to flats, working boots to cowboy boots, this shoe shelf is for those with a serious passion for the finest in footwear.  In here, it’s best to build an outfit from the ground up. And while you’re building it, ask yourself what the buyers of Bond Street, and the couture clientele of Avenue des Champs Elysées would wear? After all, this is a space for bespoke wears, worthy of the finest European boutiques. 

6151 Caballo Drive

Uncompromising luxury. Those are the only two words capable of describing the his and her dressing room experience of 6151 Caballo. For him, it’s a space to unleash his inner George Clooney. For her, it’s an ambiance to channel the glamour of Gisele and the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly. Every imaginable dressing room necessity has been accounted for and then accentuated. There are garment racks worthy of Ermenegildo Zegna, shelving units deserving of Christian Louboutin, and glass-encased cabinetry suitable for names like Tiffany and Rolex. In this dressing room, it is an air of modern sophistication that radiates forth from every angle. 

6448 El Sendero Road

When it comes to looking good, seeing is believing, which is why light, light, and more light is the essence of the walk-through master dressing room at 6448 El Sendero Road. This is a room of subdued elegance—the perfect place to experiment with fun, new, image-enhancing ensembles, or revisit your tried and true, signature looks. Glass-clad doors protect everything from high-hanging garments to neatly-folded vintage wares, and the drawer-laden island is ideal for hiding the unmentionables or disguising a hamper. 

Luxury Living Deserves Luxury Leisure

In the realm of luxury real estate, a media room is a must.

A place to lounge comfortably to take in the latest award-winners from Cannes and Sundance, or watch the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. 

A space to set up tables for pool, poker, or any other refined recreational activity imaginable. 

For some inspiration on what your next game or media room might look like, take a look at these three relaxation-ready spaces…

9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 2

This is your private parlor. A place where only good friends and selected family are allowed. 

Ideally positioned off-the family room and just steps from the 500-bottle wine cellar, lies the media room of every homeowner’s dreams. A media room engineered for the sole purpose of making its occupants supremely happy. 

Invite selected guests to join you as you unwind from a long week with the celestial flavors of a favorite Napa Valley cab or Côte d'Or pinot noir.

Care for a contest? Channel your inner pool shark in this elegantly designed, Arizona game room, located just off the family room of 9701 E Happy Valley Road Lot 18.

But competitors be warned—trying to bank the eight-ball into the corner pocket can be more than difficult…the awe-inspiring views of Pinnacle Peak just outside have been known to make more than one player scratch in a moment of forgotten focus.

Minimalist in nature, this is a game room built on clean-lines and uncomplicated attitudes that cultivate a profound sense of relaxation. Even the most intense contests will feel somewhat subdued in this space. 

When the final ball is sunk, step directly out onto the patio for a cigar and some post-game chitchat amidst the temperate evening air. If it gets too chilly, warm hands by the crackle of the wood-burning fireplace, and warm hearts with a selection from the beverage bar or wine cooler.

Clad in sporty blue, and built to accommodate even the rowdiest of crowds, the media and game room at 6151 Caballo

is a little slice of sports-lover paradise. Both the game room and theater room are entirely soundproofed so big volume is never a big problem, and the multi 4 panel screen-viewing experience is dramatically enhanced by the user-friendly Savant home automation system. 

This room is, at its core, about the people in it. In appearance, it’s both classic and playful, timeless and modern. It is a blend of eras and worlds to create something that looks as good as it feels. 

Sleek glass barn doors, paneled wood walls, and a fabric finished ceiling, lend a fun-filled spirit to the sound proof room that speaks to its single purpose—bringing a smile to the people using it. 

Blue And White Rooms

The spectacular waters of the South Pacific or Côte d'Azur aren’t the only places where taking in the bluest of blues is possible—just ask builder G M Hunt, architect Clay Scrivner, and designer Terese Messin who brought 6151 Caballo from conception to reality. One of Paradise Valley’s most sought after estates, this 1.4 privately gated home is adorned in the shades of sapphire, agate, and topaz at every turn. From the cabinetry in the butlers pantry, to the walls of the game room, to the accents of the dining room—6151 Caballo owns the designation for colorful home of the year. But the centerpiece of this blue-roomed beauty isn’t a room at all, it’s the translucent turquoise fluidity of the luxurious, lawn-bordered pool.

It is not every day you see a blue butler's pantry, then again it is not every day you see a butler's pantry as impressive as this one. Perfectly set up for the pampered chef or hostess to entertain your guests properly. 

Classic colors are timeless, especially eye-catching at 4635-Ocotillo. Associated with the elements of nature that we think of as ever present: rock stone, pebbles, marble or granite. It catches your attention, it's an ultimate accessory to compliment your home.