Picture yourself removed from the traditional stressors of daily life.

See yourself in a real-life oasis. An oasis where you can interact freely with a warm, inviting community as easily as they can retreat within the privacy of their own homes.

What would that look like? What would it feel like? It would look and feel like Carefree, Arizona. Live Life Carefree.

Located just to the northeast of Phoenix, Carefree is a luxurious residential town nestled against the prominent posture of Black Mountain, and the tranquilly painted backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. Carefree calls for a lifestyle that is exactly that—carefree. The community offers all the comforts of urban living—ready access to world-class shopping, golf, dining, fine arts, schools, and hospitals—without the chaos of life in the city. It is an escape that requires nothing in the way of compromise. 

But there’s more to Carefree than access to urban amenities, it is a community buffered by beauty at every turn. The region is dotted with pristine hiking and biking trails, perfectly manicured golf courses, and exquisite green spaces like the 3.5 acre Carefree Desert Gardens, adorned with rare species desert plants and cacti.

On weekends, picnic at the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion while taking in a free concerts, or sneak down to the abundant farmer’s market to load up on bright, beautiful local produce. Anyway it’s examined, Carefree is a conduit to serene living. 

World-Class Golfing

For those who enjoy swinging the sticks and strolling the links, know that Carefree is—quite literally— surrounded by some of the finest golf-courses on the planet, including the:

One of these courses—Desert Mountain Club—will host the 2016 Charles Schwab Cup Championship from November 11–13, the season-ending event on the Champions Tour. The Cup Championship will feature the top 36 players on the Tour’s money list, as well as some of the most accomplished players in PGA Tour history. Whether playing or spectating, Carefree offers passionate golfers anything and everything they could possibly want in the way of world-class golf. 

The Perfect Property

While all of Carefree’s 1,900 properties encompass the definition of “perfection,” each does so in its own unique way. To understand that essence, look no further than two of the city’s most pristine properties, 7001 E Languid Lane, and 6448 El Sendero Road.

The Languid Lane

The Languid Lane

The Languid Lane is the architectural summation of everything Carefree, Arizona stands for.
A hacienda-styled property generously positioned between the region’s two geological icons—Black Mountain and Boulders—Languid Lane owns southwestern touches at every turn, including an unmistakably icon that is quintessential Arizona: a kiva fireplace. The hacienda-inspired home sits on 1.63 acres of lush desert paradise, laden with meandering pathways, rich stone patios, and countless species of native cacti. Lounge lazily by the pool, unwind in the elevated hot tub, or invite friends and family to enjoy an utterly mouthwatering meal prepared on the built-in barbeque. 

Pivot now to another Carefree property located on coveted El Sendero Road. This is a home high in luxury and sophistication. Elevated and overlooking Carefree below, this property enjoys the serenity of the expansive desert landscape from a vantage that is truly second-to-none. The estate at 6448 E El Sendero Road owns a more modern feel,with interior living spaces accentuated by bright, inviting open-air architecture, designed to bring the beauty of the outside world in. In this home, the surrounding landscape is a treasure to be highlighted, not hidden, which is why the use of glass both generous and exquisitely done.

The El Sendero

The El Sendero

Like Carefree, the El Sendero property has the capacity to be both warmly inviting, and ideally intimate, owning massive outdoor living spaces, as well as a privately gated entrance. And keep in mind these homes—7001 E Languid Lane and 6448 El Sendero Road—are just two of the available properties located in Carefree. 

Learn More About Carefree

Whether you’re a full time resident, investor, retiree, or someone simply in need of a winter time escape from northern climates, Carefree, Arizona caters to any and every need imaginable. This is resort-style living that seamlessly blends southwestern hospitality with the luxurious amenities traditionally confined to urban city-scapes. 

If you’d like to learn more about Carefree, Arizona and its innumerable offerings, contact Tricia Cormie at 6023596988 or email tricia.cormie@russlyon.com