When it comes to comfortable living, some items are optional while others are not, and the wine cellar is the latter of the two. Whether storing a priceless bottle of 1852 Le Fiet Rothchild, or a leftover magnum of Moet from a friend’s wedding shower, a well-stocked wine cellar is an absolute essential—an unmistakable signature of any home worthy of the designation luxury. The wine cellar is a statement feature. An amenity that says as much about the wine it houses as it says about the property as a whole.

The native ambiance of a truly elite wine cellar automatically elevates the tasting experience. From uncorking and decanting, to sampling and evaluating, the right cellar can transform even the most mediocre wines into vinicultural masterpieces that are merely a single degree south of divine.

Yet few wine enthusiasts and even fewer luxury home owners actually have a wine cellar they can call their own. To grasp with complete clarity what it means to own an impressive wine cellar, look no further than the featured Arizona property below.

When walking into the wine cellar of 6151 Caballo, only one word comes to mind—special—because that’s exactly what the cellar is. Also known as The Bistro, this cellar is as much about storage as it is luxury entertaining. When friends and family enter, their eyes will naturally jump to the carefully-cut blue agate bar before relaxing to take in the overall grandeur of the space—candelabra-styled, iron chandeliers, earthy limestone walls, and the signature fixture—a sleek, climate-controlled, custom glass wine cellar decorated with refreshing whites and full-bodied reds. 

Rustic yet elegantly refined, the cellar of 9701 East Happy Valley Road was built to meet the needs of both amateur collectors and aspiring sommeliers. Wines are securely kept on finished oak racks not unlike the storage houses of Bordeaux and Burgundy, and wrought-iron gating offers a decidedly artisanal finish. A single lantern illuminates the space to create a nostalgic glow that transports one back to the cellars of old. For a home designed to cater to those with discerning tastes through and through, no wine cellar could be more appropriate. 

Efficient and convenient space is demonstrated here at 10040 Happy Valley home where display of a few decorative wine racks and a wine cooler will keep all your favorite labels under perfect temperature control and easily accessible.