Amidst the grandeur, the pomp, and circumstance that surrounds luxury living, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the little things. All luxury homes are grand, imposing in both stateliness and stature, and laden with amenities that have become regularities. 

The expansive kitchen, the multi-car garage, the generous guest room—these are former defining characteristics of an elite home. But as these fixtures have become more common, luxury home designers have had to reinvent ways of defining the difference between extraordinary and average. 

And that’s why today’s luxury home isn’t defined by the significance of its great room, or the extravagance of its pool—it is defined by how it makes the small places special.


The Powder Room

A nuanced amenity for the truly refined in taste, the powder room at 6151 Caballo is a minor feature with a major impact on the lux-living persona of this particular Paradise Valley Estate. While functionality, style, and authenticity form the backbone of this home's tasteful design, it’s signature additions like the powder room that convey an attitude that is both bespoke and haute. 

The Foyer

All homes have an entrance, but not all homes have the luxury of a fabulously designed foyer. Unblemished and unencumbered, the foyer of 25290 N 90th Way is for the truly refined in taste. Something that conveys this is a home for luxury living in no uncertain terms. Like the Desert Skyline Community in which 25290 N 90th Way resides, the foyer is a warm welcome to the modern southwestern lifestyle. 

The Fitness Center

Every home worthy of a second look can offer an impressive kitchen, but only luxury homes like 15883 N 107th Way in the Community at Castle Chase can provide amenities than include a state-of-the-art fitness center. From free-weights to the treadmill, a sweat can be had here morning, noon, or night—ideal for those unwilling to allow life to be defined by a schedule. When the hard work is done, go for a refreshing swim in the pool, or cool-off with a casual stroll along one of the many walking paths available to residents of Castle Chase.