Admittedly, the word bathroom isn’t sexy. It lacks the allure of foyer, and is devoid of the majesty associated with something like the great room.

But for the owners of a luxury home, there is no room other than perhaps the kitchen that is as important.

A true master bath—like the ones sampled below—is the desire of many. A place for indulgent flair and incomparable—a space that’s more spa like.

It is an in-home oasis for that perfect start to the day, or the ideal wrap-up to the night.

6151 Caballo
When architect Clay Scrivner sat down to sketch this Paradise Valley masterpiece, he and the homeowners clearly had a theme in-mind—unencumbered lux. In line with that theme, one of the first design decisions involved the planning of his and her bathrooms in the master suite. Linked by a sleek laundry room, the bathrooms’ own stylish amenities reflective of their masculine and feminine dispositions. On his—rich brunette cabinetry, paired with boldly patterned stone floor and steam shower. On hers—a lovely vanity, and generous amounts of art-glass lend give the space a distinctly female flair, and a walk-in marble-tiled shower make every early AM-rinse feel like a trip to the spa.

4635 E Ocotillo
Whether prepping for cocktails with friends or a black-tie gala, the ornate fixtures, open design plan, and generous vanities make this the ideal bathroom for getting ready. Yes, 4635 E Ocotillo Road, has many delights across its 1.14 acres, but none are as personal and pleasing as the master bath. A spacious tub, with window overlooking the verdant yard is the centerpiece of the room, granting bathers their own slice of Versailles. Steal a soak with a glass of sauvignon blanc whilst reading the book du jour, or—if preferred—step into the steam shower for a bathing experience that is just shy of divine. 

9701 E Happy Valley
When the time has come to walk away from the expansive living room and retire for the evening, don’t just go to bed—unwind in a master bath even The Four Seasons would be jealous of. Enjoy a steamy soak in this luxury tub, while viewing the flickering flames of a soul-warming fire dancing just outside in the privately-walled meditation area. Designed for the discerning, and delivered for the distinguished, the master bath at 9701 E Happy Valley is unlike any other. The photos say what words can’t.