After hiking the endless trails of Camelback Mountain, or playing 18 on one of Phoenix’s legendary golf courses, there’s nothing like coming home for a little rest and relaxation.


And where better to enjoy that rest and relaxation than the luxurious home theater located at 5676 E Cheney Drive—a full-on cinematic venue, perfect for your favorite movie or your favorite sporting event.

A picturesque blend of opulence and comfort, the theater at 5676 E Cheney Drive comes with reclining leather chairs and matching ottomans. High-quality surround sound brings the big screen to life, and a candy concession stand complete with a popcorn machine and soda fountain authenticates the in-theater experience.


Of course, owning the very best add-ons and amenities can only do so much to enhance the entertainment experience of an at-home theater—the rest has to come from the design of the room itself.

Fortunately, the original architects and builders didn’t overlook the importance of design, blueprinting a room capable of meeting the expectations of even the most discerning movie-goers. Not only is the room shaped to ensure optimal amplification and distribution of sound, it is also designed to reflect the physical environment of the movie theater itself with padded fabric paneling, wall-mounted light fixtures, and a retractable curtain for the screen.