In choosing a home site, the original owners of 5676 E Cheney Drive sought to accomplish two things:

Secure one of the highest sites in Paradise Valley so they could enjoy a serene home with unrivaled views of an endless landscape.


Inspire an artistically-gifted builder to create a hillside home that tastefully reflected the strong features of Mummy Mountain.

And in examining 5676 E Cheney Drive today, it’s clear they accomplished both objectives.


Positioned high on Mummy Mountain and centered on jaw-dropping views, 5676 E Cheney Drive is the man-made embodiment of beautiful simplicity, designed to make use of timeless elements of style like glass, wood, stone, and copper.

When you walk through 5676 E Cheney Drive, you’ll have no trouble noticing the meticulously placed copper inlays inside the cherry wood paneling, or the natural outcroppings of granite, quartz, and schorl on the back patio. These are genuine Arizona accents that fully embrace what nature has already spent millennia perfecting.