Gardens in the southwest have some of the most impressive blooms in the country. There’s a reason Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is ranked as the 4th Best Botanical Garden in the United States.

Bright, blue skies, soul-warming daytime temperatures, and the remnants of invigorating winter rains create a perfect storm for blossoms that is difficult to replicate anywhere in nature. For the at-home desert gardener, there are plenty of drought-resistant, brightly blooming species—including Datura, Penstemon, Prickly Pear, Salvia, and Primrose—that are easy to plant, and even easier to maintain in an arid environment.

These regional blooms are extensively-adored across the southwest, and are well-known for their ability to transform desert gardens into a vibrant, charming, landscape.

As an example of what can be accomplished look at the Sonoran-styled garden of 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 2—one of the most desirable properties on the Scottsdale market. This is a garden that translates the color and form of native desert species like saguaro and yucca, into breathtaking aesthetics that noticeably contribute to an already impressive 4.39-acre estate.

Moving along the covered rear patio, the meticulous interplay between the general landscaping, raised terraces, and earthen pottery is a sight to behold (as is the sweeping vista of Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain in the distance). It is an idyllic marriage of manufactured style and natural beauty that hosts a remarkable collection of drought tolerant plants, including grasses (like Mexican feather grass), succulents (like agave), perennials (like desert marigold), and deliciously edible herbs (like Mexican tarragon).

Lounging out by the swimming pool, it’s impossible to avoid the springy aroma of the Lady Bank Rose that covers the pavilion’s open roof. Nor is it possible to overlook the strategic incorporation of a traditional lawn which, surprisingly, does not have an astronomical impact on the property’s water usage, with water bills average under $295.00 monthly.

While these horticultural revelations about life in the southwest may come as a surprise, their surprising nature doesn’t make them any less true. If you’re a current (or aspiring) Scottsdale resident with a prominent green thumb, remember that absolutely stunning floral arrays and springtime blooms can be cultivated anywhere. Even here in the desert.