Special Luxuries For Your Guests

For a luxury estate to truly have a sense of stateliness, it needs three things:

The first?—an prominent primary house. The second?—a sizable lot. The third and final ingredient?—a guesthouse that is both unique and standalone.

Now, the first ingredient is fairly easy to attain. Here in the Scottsdale area, there are a wealth of properties offering magnificent main houses.

But, the second and third component—the offering of a 4.39 acre estate in a gated community in zip code 85255 with both location and stellar views is a find and the unique, standalone guesthouse—is less easily found and even more rarely acquired.

Stated simply, it is exceptionally difficult to find a property offering all three of the necessary ingredients of stateliness. 

And that’s what makes the opportunity at 9701 E Happy Valley Rd No. 2 so enticing.

It is one of those rare moments where a truly exclusive, and utterly unforgettable estate has become available to the market. 

9701 E Happy Valley Rd No. 2  has the main residence.

It has the lot. 

And it has the distinctive, detached guesthouse. 

In fact, one might argue that the guesthouse is THE signature feature of the entire property. 

Designed by Janet Brooks and styled with a distinctly vibrant Casablancan-flair, this 1,129-square foot Scottsdale guesthouse offers a fun, energy-infused appeal.

Though the one-bedroom guesthouse only occupies a sliver of the more than 4.39-acre lot, it’s an ideally sized companion for the Gary Gietz-designed 9,000 square-foot main house. As someone once put it, “the guesthouse at 9701 is the perfect place for hosting friends and family without actually ‘hosting’ them…it’s a self-contained getaway.”

In fact, there may be no better way to describe the guesthouse than that. It really is its own on-property escape, where guests have everything they need at their fingertips.

After waking up in the generously sized bedroom (complete with a full en-suite bathroom, and walk-in closet), occupants have the freedom do whatever they want, from preparing a sumptuous breakfast in the guest kitchen, to an early-AM yoga on the covered, private patio.

Guests can traverse the canterra stone floors of the great room (and the space’s vividly colorful, Moroccan-themed décor) with their steaming cup of coffee, open the French doors, and step outside for commanding southerly views of the desert sun rising over the property. It could be the most charming morning vista in all of Scottsdale. 

When morning rituals are complete, enjoying the day is made unconscionably easy. Guests can explore the vibrant estate grounds by moving down the lazy river-flanked steps towards the verdant garden and glittering pool. Or, they can escape the property altogether by heading into the guesthouse two-vehicle show garage (designed with a race-inspired, hot-rod red theme by Garage Majhal), and driving into Scottsdale for some authentic Arizona adventures.