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9701 E Happy Valley #13

Ride Through the Sonoran Sunrise

There’s something wonderfully indescribable about watching the sunrise over the mountains in the Sonoran Desert.

The way the inky night transitions from black to purple to early morning blue, against a rust-colored backdrop of cactus covered sandstone, is a sight unlike any in the world.

A sight like that is why riding a motorcycle here is about avoiding freeways as much as possible in favor of long-stretches of sparsely populated road.

Imagine sitting in the saddle, cruising up through Rio Verde to Fountain Hills in the early morning sun, before carrying on along the Beeline in all its high-desert majesty.

See yourself avoiding the beaten path by riding from Yarnell to Prescott, Prescott to Skull Valley, and then onward to the famed old-mining town of Jerome.

To have the freedom to take in such a vibrant tapestry of color and life every single morning is what makes living in Scottsdale, Arizona so special. And it’s why the owners of 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13 took the time and the effort to maintain such a spectacular garage, filled with meticulously kept BMW bikes.

For the motorcycling enthusiast, this is a home without equal, where an hours long ride is less of a suggestion and more of a weekly mandate.

Although located in Scottsdale, the home not far from the town of Cave Creek, a haven for several annual bike events, Harley-gatherings, and biker bars like the Roadhouse Cave Creek Bike Week, and The World Famous Hideaway Grill. It is this kind of proximity makes 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13 the perfect place for two-wheeled mavens.

To learn more about life at 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #13, be sure to click here.

Why Your Cars Love The Southwestern Lifestyle.

During the month of January, there’s one thing and one thing only on the minds of the Valley residents and visitors:


At the beginning of the year it’s all about the cars here, and if you doubt it, take one look at two of the season’s biggest events:

The Russo and Steele Car Auction and The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.


These two signature events are a car-lover’s dream. They are more than an opportunity to see and buy some of the world’s finest cars, they’re a full-on automotive lifestyle immersion, where thousands of cars, and tens of thousands of aficionados can freely mix and mingle.

But why Scottsdale and Phoenix?

What makes these favorite Valley cities such an appealing destination for motorheads and car collectors?

The first is the culture.

Greater Phoenix (which includes Scottsdale) is awash with people who take great pride in the cars they own. From “every day” luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW to the exotics like Ferrari and Lamborghini, the people who live in greater Phoenix invest a lot of time, money, and energy into keeping their cars in tip-top shape.

kaboompics_Breaklight of the car BMW i8.jpg

Secondly, the weather is impossible to beat.

Crisp, clean, moisture-free air makes the southwestern desert the ideal environment for luxury car ownership. Whether parking outdoor or indoors, you can park with confidence knowing that your glimmering machine isn’t going to be soiled by rain, soot, snow, or ice.

Thirdly, the roads and the VERY minimal traffic.

Greater Phoenix is one of the best places to drive in the country and Scottsdale’s traffic is one of the lowest ranked in the country (in the top 10 best cities with least traffic in the U.S.) The roads are in good condition, and the weather is more than predictable. Most importantly, the region has long, flat stretches of open road—perfect for those owners and enthusiasts who want to test their ability to get from 0 to 60 as quickly as possible.

Finally, there’s the simple reality that real estate in the Valley often comes part and parcel with at least one truly great garage, and a gorgeous garage is something every car-lover aspires to have.

Some of the very best garages on the market can be found on E Happy Valley Road, where many of Scottsdale’s most exclusive residents reside.

At 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 2, a racing-inspired, hot rod red two-car show garage is one of the property’s signature features (home features a total of 7 garage parking spots).

The same can be said of 9701 E Happy Valley Road No. 13, with its climate-controlled show garage that opens to a “man cave” ready game room.

These are just two of the many stellar examples that Scottsdale can offer aspiring residents who want more than a home for themselves—they want a home for their prized collectables as well.

Dining Alfresco Year-round

When it comes to weather, few states—if any—can compete with the ideal, year-round climate that Arizona affords.

In Arizona, there is no “offseason.” 

Outdoor activities abound whether it’s July or January, from mountain biking, trail running, to golf and skiing (yes, it snows in Arizona).

Simply put, if there is something you want to do, and you want to be able to that “thing” whenever you want, there is no better place to live than Arizona.

No one knows this better than the residents of the Valley, who have the freedom to host friends and family for alfresco dining from January 1st all the way through December 31st year-in and year-out.

These homes are ideal examples of patio dining – private dining at  8400 E Dixileta Drive, or a group hosting during Thanksgiving at 5676 E Cheney Drive.

Both properties dabble in the extraordinary, offering utterly lavish outdoor spaces that can entertain morning, noon, or night.

Or consider the expansive grounds of 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2, open and pristine, just perfect for hosting seasonal garden parties, or large, family cookouts.

Speaking of cooking, envision the ease of hosting a mid-winter barbecue on a grill like the one included with 9701 E Happy Valley Road #13. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy the view while you impress them with your mastery of the grill.

Not interested in cooking outside your indoor kitchen? Not to worry. An inviting rooftop view like the one available at 2211 E Camelback Road, #1101 makes a perfect venue for early evening canapés or after-dinner digestifs.

In Arizona, alfresco dining is truly is a year-round lifestyle everyone craves.


A Sense of Place Poolside

When most parts of the country are shivering underneath blankets of snow and plunging temperatures, our Valley—the crown jewel of The Grand Canyon State—is sitting pretty (if you doubt it, just take a peek at 2211 E Camelback Road).

With average winter temperatures hovering at a comfortable 76° F, the Greater Phoenix area is the ultimate place to live for those looking to take full-advantage of year-round poolside living.

What do we mean by “year-round poolside living”?

We mean being able to spend the Thanksgiving lounging poolside with your closest friends and family.

We mean coming home from a day at the office, long meetings, or day-filled to-dos to relax on sunsets filled pool deck and an outdoor dining experience.


We mean taking a healthy, mid-afternoon swim underneath the shining sun in the middle of January, when the rest of the country only dreams of paradise-like escape.

In Arizona—and here in the Valley in particular—this type of lifestyle really is attainable. Envision how incredible it would be to call a home like 8400 E Dixileta Drive yours. Or what it might be like to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of 29119 N 71st Place.


These are just a small sample of the highly desirable homes that are available in the Valley for those who want to enjoy poolside living, 365 days a year.

We saved the best for last—9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2.

Surrounded by a verdant lawn and awe-inspiring views of both Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain, 9701 E Happy Valley Road #2 is (like its neighbor Lot #13 just up the road) an idyllic venue to enjoy a swim.

Our invitation stands as we tour you virtually throughout our favorite homes—if you want poolside living to be a part of your everyday life, you need to make an Arizona home like THIS your everyday residence.