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25290 N 90th Way

A Sense of Place Poolside

When most parts of the country are shivering underneath blankets of snow and plunging temperatures, our Valley—the crown jewel of The Grand Canyon State—is sitting pretty (if you doubt it, just take a peek at 2211 E Camelback Road).

With average winter temperatures hovering at a comfortable 76° F, the Greater Phoenix area is the ultimate place to live for those looking to take full-advantage of year-round poolside living.

What do we mean by “year-round poolside living”?

We mean being able to spend the Thanksgiving lounging poolside with your closest friends and family.

We mean coming home from a day at the office, long meetings, or day-filled to-dos to relax on sunsets filled pool deck and an outdoor dining experience.


We mean taking a healthy, mid-afternoon swim underneath the shining sun in the middle of January, when the rest of the country only dreams of paradise-like escape.

In Arizona—and here in the Valley in particular—this type of lifestyle really is attainable. Envision how incredible it would be to call a home like 8400 E Dixileta Drive yours. Or what it might be like to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of 29119 N 71st Place.


These are just a small sample of the highly desirable homes that are available in the Valley for those who want to enjoy poolside living, 365 days a year.

We saved the best for last—9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2.

Surrounded by a verdant lawn and awe-inspiring views of both Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain, 9701 E Happy Valley Road #2 is (like its neighbor Lot #13 just up the road) an idyllic venue to enjoy a swim.

Our invitation stands as we tour you virtually throughout our favorite homes—if you want poolside living to be a part of your everyday life, you need to make an Arizona home like THIS your everyday residence.


Small Spaces Made Special

Amidst the grandeur, the pomp, and circumstance that surrounds luxury living, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the little things. All luxury homes are grand, imposing in both stateliness and stature, and laden with amenities that have become regularities. 

The expansive kitchen, the multi-car garage, the generous guest room—these are former defining characteristics of an elite home. But as these fixtures have become more common, luxury home designers have had to reinvent ways of defining the difference between extraordinary and average. 

And that’s why today’s luxury home isn’t defined by the significance of its great room, or the extravagance of its pool—it is defined by how it makes the small places special.


The Powder Room

A nuanced amenity for the truly refined in taste, the powder room at 6151 Caballo is a minor feature with a major impact on the lux-living persona of this particular Paradise Valley Estate. While functionality, style, and authenticity form the backbone of this home's tasteful design, it’s signature additions like the powder room that convey an attitude that is both bespoke and haute. 

The Foyer

All homes have an entrance, but not all homes have the luxury of a fabulously designed foyer. Unblemished and unencumbered, the foyer of 25290 N 90th Way is for the truly refined in taste. Something that conveys this is a home for luxury living in no uncertain terms. Like the Desert Skyline Community in which 25290 N 90th Way resides, the foyer is a warm welcome to the modern southwestern lifestyle. 

The Fitness Center

Every home worthy of a second look can offer an impressive kitchen, but only luxury homes like 15883 N 107th Way in the Community at Castle Chase can provide amenities than include a state-of-the-art fitness center. From free-weights to the treadmill, a sweat can be had here morning, noon, or night—ideal for those unwilling to allow life to be defined by a schedule. When the hard work is done, go for a refreshing swim in the pool, or cool-off with a casual stroll along one of the many walking paths available to residents of Castle Chase. 

THE GATHERING PLACE | Luxury Family & Living Rooms

Traditionally, family rooms are meant for relaxing and socializing. A place where friends and family come together. The family room also presents the perfect opportunity to make a statement and set a tone for your entire decorating style. Whether it’s a rustic, elegant or minimalist, modern or traditional you can gather inspiration from these five extraordinary homes below to create a family room where you can entertain family and friends.

Set against the backdrop of Paradise Valley’s Camelback Mountain, the stunning 1.4 acres of 4635 E Octotillo are a sight to behold. The entry courtyard is the feature that welcomes visitors to the property, while the invigorating spa is the one that makes them feel at-home. Hand-troweled moldings, an intricately carved limestone fireplace, and exposed wood finishes are the accents of the living room, while the signature of the professionally-styled chef's kitchen is, without doubt, the boveda-brick domed breakfast nook.

One of Paradise Valley’s crown jewels, 6151 Caballo is an intimate setting, ideally suited for both the limelight and moonlight depending upon the occasion. Living areas own richly exposed woodwork juxtaposed against clean, linen-like ceilings for a look and feel that is as distinct as the property itself. Enveloped in a generous helping of paned glass, the family room is featured in the best of ways as an outdoor space yet decidedly a part of the property’s surrounding landscape.   

A gated, north Scottsdale community, Desert Highlands caters to those in search of estate-sized luxury and comfort within a painted desert setting. At more than 5,700 square feet, this home is highlighted by sweeping views of Pinnacle Peak Mountain and greater Paradise Valley. Lounge lazily in the expansive living room where polished flagstone meets with floor to ceiling windows to create a seamless transition between indoor and out.

Nestled into Black Mountain and overlooking the beautiful town of Carefree, 6448 El Sendero is a home built to enjoy the serenity of the expansive Arizona desert from an unchallenged vantage. A gated entrance ensures round-the-clock privacy, while open architecture welcomes friends and family day or night. The family room is simultaneously modern and rustic with crisp, clean right angles of a contemporary architectural style contrasting perfectly with the natural, dissymmetry of the flagstone floor. 

Few homes can suggest—let alone offer—the cleanliness in design of 25290 N 90th Way. It is a delightful dose of modernism and genuine southwestern living. The living room is a place for quiet contemplation, a retreat where the steam rising off your cup of Blue Mountain coffee couldn’t be more appropriate. Let the morning light pour in, and the worries of yesteryear flow out.