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5676 Cheney

A Sommelier’s Special Place

When asked to describe his favorite beverage, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin remarked, “Wine makes daily living easier [and] less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” And as anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass or two can attest, Mr. Franklin’s words are undeniably true.

Wine enhances every meal, every experience, and every aspect of life.


Is it any wonder then why a wine room enhances every home?

And for an exemplary example, one need look no further than the wine room of 5676 E Cheney Drive.

For family and friends who want to enjoy those warm, laughter-filled, wine-fueled conversations, the wine room at 5676 E Cheney Drive is an ideal gathering place.


With its carefully poured concrete flooring, meticulously bricked arch ceiling, and Bas-relief bust of Bacchus—the famed Roman God of agriculture, wine and fertility—set into the natural stone of Mummy Mountain, few of 5676 E Cheney Drive’s rooms can match the wine room for late-night ambiance.

Library Love

To grasp the sophistication and utility a library brings to a luxury home, consider the stately design of the library at 5676 E Cheney Drive.


Conceptualized and constructed by one of Arizona’s most prestigious homebuilders (Salcito Homes), this is a library of taste, with every detail planned to painstaking perfection. Note the craftsmanship of the carpentry across the ceiling, and the wood panels inlaid with copper around the library’s fireplace. These aren’t just details, they are judiciously planned accents that elevate the look and feel of the entire space.


Of these accents, none surpass the art glass pocket doors designed by Bob Berg of Chanikva Studio.


The “Master of the Southwest” according to Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, Bob crafted these doors to accentuate the esthetics of the natural world, and bring the outside in. From the library’s main desk, one can take in the majestic views of Mummy mountain or the inspired views of Paradise Valley’s beauty—bright, blue days, followed by storied, sparklingly nights—making this an ideal room for contemplation and inspiration.

A Theater Worthy of the Silver Screen

After hiking the endless trails of Camelback Mountain, or playing 18 on one of Phoenix’s legendary golf courses, there’s nothing like coming home for a little rest and relaxation.


And where better to enjoy that rest and relaxation than the luxurious home theater located at 5676 E Cheney Drive—a full-on cinematic venue, perfect for your favorite movie or your favorite sporting event.

A picturesque blend of opulence and comfort, the theater at 5676 E Cheney Drive comes with reclining leather chairs and matching ottomans. High-quality surround sound brings the big screen to life, and a candy concession stand complete with a popcorn machine and soda fountain authenticates the in-theater experience.


Of course, owning the very best add-ons and amenities can only do so much to enhance the entertainment experience of an at-home theater—the rest has to come from the design of the room itself.

Fortunately, the original architects and builders didn’t overlook the importance of design, blueprinting a room capable of meeting the expectations of even the most discerning movie-goers. Not only is the room shaped to ensure optimal amplification and distribution of sound, it is also designed to reflect the physical environment of the movie theater itself with padded fabric paneling, wall-mounted light fixtures, and a retractable curtain for the screen.

Dining Alfresco Year-round

When it comes to weather, few states—if any—can compete with the ideal, year-round climate that Arizona affords.

In Arizona, there is no “offseason.” 

Outdoor activities abound whether it’s July or January, from mountain biking, trail running, to golf and skiing (yes, it snows in Arizona).

Simply put, if there is something you want to do, and you want to be able to that “thing” whenever you want, there is no better place to live than Arizona.

No one knows this better than the residents of the Valley, who have the freedom to host friends and family for alfresco dining from January 1st all the way through December 31st year-in and year-out.

These homes are ideal examples of patio dining – private dining at  8400 E Dixileta Drive, or a group hosting during Thanksgiving at 5676 E Cheney Drive.

Both properties dabble in the extraordinary, offering utterly lavish outdoor spaces that can entertain morning, noon, or night.

Or consider the expansive grounds of 9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2, open and pristine, just perfect for hosting seasonal garden parties, or large, family cookouts.

Speaking of cooking, envision the ease of hosting a mid-winter barbecue on a grill like the one included with 9701 E Happy Valley Road #13. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy the view while you impress them with your mastery of the grill.

Not interested in cooking outside your indoor kitchen? Not to worry. An inviting rooftop view like the one available at 2211 E Camelback Road, #1101 makes a perfect venue for early evening canapés or after-dinner digestifs.

In Arizona, alfresco dining is truly is a year-round lifestyle everyone craves.


A Sense of Place Poolside

When most parts of the country are shivering underneath blankets of snow and plunging temperatures, our Valley—the crown jewel of The Grand Canyon State—is sitting pretty (if you doubt it, just take a peek at 2211 E Camelback Road).

With average winter temperatures hovering at a comfortable 76° F, the Greater Phoenix area is the ultimate place to live for those looking to take full-advantage of year-round poolside living.

What do we mean by “year-round poolside living”?

We mean being able to spend the Thanksgiving lounging poolside with your closest friends and family.

We mean coming home from a day at the office, long meetings, or day-filled to-dos to relax on sunsets filled pool deck and an outdoor dining experience.


We mean taking a healthy, mid-afternoon swim underneath the shining sun in the middle of January, when the rest of the country only dreams of paradise-like escape.

In Arizona—and here in the Valley in particular—this type of lifestyle really is attainable. Envision how incredible it would be to call a home like 8400 E Dixileta Drive yours. Or what it might be like to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of 29119 N 71st Place.


These are just a small sample of the highly desirable homes that are available in the Valley for those who want to enjoy poolside living, 365 days a year.

We saved the best for last—9701 E Happy Valley Road, #2.

Surrounded by a verdant lawn and awe-inspiring views of both Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain, 9701 E Happy Valley Road #2 is (like its neighbor Lot #13 just up the road) an idyllic venue to enjoy a swim.

Our invitation stands as we tour you virtually throughout our favorite homes—if you want poolside living to be a part of your everyday life, you need to make an Arizona home like THIS your everyday residence.


Hillside Living with Architectural Elegance

In choosing a home site, the original owners of 5676 E Cheney Drive sought to accomplish two things:

Secure one of the highest sites in Paradise Valley so they could enjoy a serene home with unrivaled views of an endless landscape.


Inspire an artistically-gifted builder to create a hillside home that tastefully reflected the strong features of Mummy Mountain.

And in examining 5676 E Cheney Drive today, it’s clear they accomplished both objectives.


Positioned high on Mummy Mountain and centered on jaw-dropping views, 5676 E Cheney Drive is the man-made embodiment of beautiful simplicity, designed to make use of timeless elements of style like glass, wood, stone, and copper.

When you walk through 5676 E Cheney Drive, you’ll have no trouble noticing the meticulously placed copper inlays inside the cherry wood paneling, or the natural outcroppings of granite, quartz, and schorl on the back patio. These are genuine Arizona accents that fully embrace what nature has already spent millennia perfecting.