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6448 E El Sendero

A Luxury Wardrobe Deserves a Luxury Dressing Room

No master bedroom can consider itself complete without the addition of a dream-come-true dressing room. The type of dressing room that simultaneously catalogs every element of your wardrobe with meticulous precision and complete convenience.

The three-keys to creating a luxury residential dressing room are simple. They are: Lavish, Lighting, and Legroom.

Outside of the bedroom, the dressing room is where you should feel the most comfortable. There should be plenty of Legroom to twist, turn, try-on, slip-off, and get ready for the day. After all, a dressing room without legroom isn’t a dressing room at all—it’s a glorified closet. 

And when it comes to getting ready for the day, luminous Lighting is everything. It is the key to making sure clothes are wrinkleless, shoes are scuff-free, accessories are sparking, and the entire outfit is coming together in harmony. 

No dressing room is complete without an ample splash of Lavish. This means shoe shelving, rods for high-hanging garments, dressing tables with chairs, ample cabinetry, and maybe even an island. 

When all three elements of the ideal dressing room come together, it creates something beyond expression—you simply need to see it to believe it. 

9701 E Happy Valley Lot 2

There is no disguising the centerpiece of this luxury dressing room—the partitioned, 9-row shoe shelf is a show-stopping sight to behold.  From heels to flats, working boots to cowboy boots, this shoe shelf is for those with a serious passion for the finest in footwear.  In here, it’s best to build an outfit from the ground up. And while you’re building it, ask yourself what the buyers of Bond Street, and the couture clientele of Avenue des Champs Elysées would wear? After all, this is a space for bespoke wears, worthy of the finest European boutiques. 

6151 Caballo Drive

Uncompromising luxury. Those are the only two words capable of describing the his and her dressing room experience of 6151 Caballo. For him, it’s a space to unleash his inner George Clooney. For her, it’s an ambiance to channel the glamour of Gisele and the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly. Every imaginable dressing room necessity has been accounted for and then accentuated. There are garment racks worthy of Ermenegildo Zegna, shelving units deserving of Christian Louboutin, and glass-encased cabinetry suitable for names like Tiffany and Rolex. In this dressing room, it is an air of modern sophistication that radiates forth from every angle. 

6448 El Sendero Road

When it comes to looking good, seeing is believing, which is why light, light, and more light is the essence of the walk-through master dressing room at 6448 El Sendero Road. This is a room of subdued elegance—the perfect place to experiment with fun, new, image-enhancing ensembles, or revisit your tried and true, signature looks. Glass-clad doors protect everything from high-hanging garments to neatly-folded vintage wares, and the drawer-laden island is ideal for hiding the unmentionables or disguising a hamper. 

Indoor Dining Experiences

The most expensive meals almost always take place amidst the glitz and glam of high-society, be it a charity gala at the Ritz-Carlton, or an executive dinner hosted at some Michelin-starred restaurant.

But the most memorable meals (and quite frankly, the most important) are the ones that take place amidst the residual comforts of home…Your home. 

The place you spend irreplaceable hours with children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, brothers, and sisters. 

If the home is where the heart is, the dining room table is where its rhythmic beat originates from. 

From intimate breakfast nooks, to grand Mahogany tables, indoor dining spaces are those that bring us closer together with friends, family, and the people we care most dearly about.

If you’re looking to see what it really means to dine in both comfort and style while at home, step inside the indoor dining experiences of these luminous Arizona properties

9701 E Happy Valley Road

With nearly 4.5 acres and more than 9,000 square feet, 9701 E Happy Valley Road isn’t short on elbow room, least of all in the main dining area. While other luxury dining rooms struggle to subdue their ostentatious airs, this one is intentionally muted akin to an upscale Italian farmhouse. It is simultaneously rustic and refined, casual and ceremonial, with rich exposed wood and carefully crafted wrought-iron features. Open glass views from the hallways allow the decorative outdoor grounds to be a part of every meal. Like all the other rooms in this home, the dining room is accented with patio access in case guests would like to congregate outdoors before dinner is served. 

10040 Happy Valley

Kitchen is more than just a place to prepare and cook food, it is a statement piece that brings out the home decor and multi-purpose islands that will allow you to cook away as you enjoy company of your friends with a glass of wine while tossing a salad with champagne vinaigrette. A great example of a luxury kitchen with purpose is the kitchen found in the this home. The dining room easily provides an elegant setting for a family dinner any day of the week, a dinner party to celebrate occasions, or a house filled holiday dinner with all of the fixings.

4635 E Ocotillo

Why settle for one indoor dining space, when two is twice as nice? Two not quite enough?—might as well add a third. For elegant affairs, the main meal must be served in the formal dining room, where expansive glass doors allow natural light and jaw-dropping views of Camelback Mountain to pour in. When the diners number five or less make it an intimate seating beneath a flowering wrought-iron chandelier and domed brick boveda ceiling. And when the meal looks to be highly casual—think bowls of cereal before that round of golf at the country club—the kitchen island with high-back barstools is the perfect venue. 

6448 El Sendero

Admittedly, it’s difficult to dine indoors at 6448 El Sendero, but that difficulty has nothing to do with the construction of the house. Kingly views of the acacia-speckled valley floor far below coupled with idyllic year-round weather make outdoor dining the preferred option at this particular residence. But when the occasion calls for it, El Sendero is as well suited to play the role of indoor host as any house in Careefree. Besides, the extensive use of floor to ceiling glass throughout the house makes inside feel like out, anyways. 

6151 Caballo

Deliciously prepared, all-natural meals aren’t meant to be enjoyed under the intense glare of artificial lighting. They are meant to be enjoyed amidst the backdrop of an early morning sunrise, or early evening sunset. Most luxury architects overlook this reality in the design of residential indoor dining spaces, but 6151 Caballo Drive architect Clay Scrivner did not. Pane upon pane of classically cut glass adorns mullioned French doors, skylights, and windows to ensure the perfection of nature’s illumination brings out the perfection of your meal. 

Outdoor Dining Experiences

In Arizona, the art of outdoor dining is not one to overlook. It is an integral element of Southwestern culture, and an indispensable part of the privilege of living in seasonal serenity.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—the weather is always right for an al fresco dining experience. 

So, what’s on the menu tonight? 

4635 E Ocotillo

When visitors arrive at 4635 E Ocotillo, they tend to be speechless—the signature views of Camelback have that effect on people. Eventually, your guests will stop gazing at the imposing aura of the mountains in the distance, giving you the opportunity to walk them towards the open-air dining area just off the kitchen. Here they can enjoy the fragrances of rosemary and white rose while sipping the cocktail of their choice. In the springtime, it’s the perfume of orange and pear blossoms that enhance the dinnertime air. 

9701 E Happy Valley

At 9701 E Happy Valley, no one ever dines al fresco alone—Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain join the table during every meal. As you sit beneath a gazebo entwined with the vines of honeysuckle, allow the rich aromas of the desert to consume your olfactory senses—there’s acacia, prickly-pear, and jasmine in the air. When the meal is through, take a measured pace as you make your way barefoot through carpeted lawn en-route to the house…or maybe the pool? 

15883 N 107th Place

Walking into 15883 N 107th Place, it might be hard to see the outdoor dining potential at first glance. The home owns a decidedly chic interior design that suggests to occupants a life lived indoors is a life lived best. But that suggestion slips silently away as soon as the backdoor swings open, revealing a quietly enclosed patio space, perfectly suited for an early-evening, fireside meal. Dine in peace knowing the only interruption to the conversation will be the silent departure of the setting sun.  

6448 E EL Sendero

An elevated home should offer an elevated outdoor dining experience, and where some of the homes in Carefree might miss, 6448 E El Sendero Road delivers without equivocation. Transition from inside to out with irreplaceable ease. Retractable wall of glass in the great room make walking out to the barbecue an effortless venture. When the cooking on the grill is complete, sit down with friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labor. From the table, enjoy an oasis-like immersion as your eyes transition from the glittering water of the infinity pool, to the rust-clad earth of the desert valley far below.  

More interested in a casual cocktail than a full-meal? Pull back the glass sliding doors, open the wall of windows, and take a seat with that special someone at the wet bar. Even though you’re technically inside, it won’t feel like it. This is, without question, the best bar in Carefree

10040 Happy Valley

An outdoor dining experience adds a special touch to any course. Enjoy panoramic views of mountains and golf courses from this privacy filled home, strategically located in an exclusively guard-gated community of Desert Highlands. This home caters to the ideal Scottsdale indoor-outdoor lifestyle and offers all the right features designed to entertain with expansive living areas.

6151 Caballo

With 1.4 acres of privately-gated property—there’s more than enough room at 6151 Caballo to throw a lavish outdoor party or host an intimate dinner for two. Step through the stately arches of glass French-doors to the backyard where the stainless-steel barbeque awaits your master griller’s touch. Rather see the stars whilst sharing conversation and sipping an aperitif? Do so amidst the privacy of the sprawling lawns, backlit by Mummy Mountain Views and accented with the scents of lavender, rose, and orange blossom.

Great Golf and Classic Cars | Defining Pillars of Greater Phoenix


When it comes to identifying locales for truly world class golf, few—if any—can compare to Greater Phoenix. Arizona’s poshest urban community offers world-class and sensational golf courses. Everywhere you turn, there are fairways and greens worthy of some of the most prestigious signatures in the history of the game; Nicklaus, Palmer, Faldo.

What makes Greater Phoenix such a sensational option? 

  • 300+ days of sunshine
  • Year-round warm weather
  • Proximity to a large international airport
  • Extensive access to luxury amenities

And those are just the BIG reasons—there are lots of little reasons Greater Phoenix doubles as a fantastic golfing getaway. But not all who come to Greater Phoenix for golf do so with the intent of making it a temporary stay. Many seek permanent residence in America’s golfing mecca. And for those who do, a pair of properties deserve thoughtful consideration.

The first, 10040 Happy Valley Road, is positioned in the exclusive Desert Highlands community, and perched next to an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, an 18-hole Gary Panks putting course, and the prestigious Highlands Racquet Club with its 13 courts, and 7,000 square foot Wellness Center. This is a cleanly lined, custom-built home that owns striking views of Pinnacle Peak.

The second, 19790 N 84th Way, is built into the master plan community of The Retreat at Grayhawk, and is just a stone’s throw from the Grayhawk Golf Club. Future owners will be able to go for casual strolls across miles and miles of walking trails, intermittently stopping to tee off on any one of Grayhawk’s 36 holes. Unlike other homes in the area that place an emphasis on desert flora, this home caters to those interested in lush, resort-styled grounds.

But a move to Greater Phoenix offers golfing aficionados more than a chance to live on or near immaculate courses—it also offers then an opportunity to observe some of the best professional golfers in the world at The Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale (January 30 - February 5, 2017).

Considered by many to be the most exciting golf event of the year due to the unconventional amount of interaction spectators can have with the players, the Phoenix Open is a golf lover’s dream. Watch the likes of Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Hunter Mahan, and Bubba Watson stroll up and down the fairways of TPC Scottsdale competing to win one of the PGA Tour’s most beloved events.


When it comes to cars, not all metropolitan areas were created equal, and the crisp, clean, moisture-free desert air make Greater Phoenix the ideal environment for luxury car ownership. The region is well-known for being inundated with luxury car enthusiasts keen on testing their mettle and metal on the area’s long, flat stretches of open road. 

And while Mercedes, Land Rovers, and BMWs might be more common, Ferraris, Bentley’s, and Lamborghini’s are far from an unusual sight along Greater Phoenix’s posher streets. The point is, if luxury cars were diamonds, Greater Phoenix would be flush with them.

But what good are diamonds without the rings that house them? Which is why Greater Phoenix owns some of the finest private garages in the world.

Case and point, examine this six-car masterpiece at 6448 E El Sendero Road. Iron-clad glass-paneled garage doors create a living, breathing showroom for the prized mobile possessions of any car collectors or connoisseurs.

Consider the magnificent open plan of the garage at 4635 E Ocotillo.

Or the racing-inspired hot-rod red garage of 9701 E Happy Valley Road—the perfect place to show a priceless collectable or custom-built classic. Garage created by Garage Mahals.

With cars and amenities like these, is it any wonder why Barret-Jackson—collector car auctioneer extraordinaire—chooses to invite automotive enthusiasts from all over the world to Greater Phoenix every winter for a seasonal extravaganza?

Widely regarded as the flagship event for collector car enthusiasts, the Barret-Jackson show (January 14 - 22, 2017) is an elite experience unlike any other. What started as an auction has transformed into an end-to-end automotive lifestyle event that caters to both aficionados and novices alike. Literally thousands of the world’s most desired cars—both expensive and rare—enjoy unparalleled exposure at this signature Greater Phoenix event.

THE GATHERING PLACE | Luxury Family & Living Rooms

Traditionally, family rooms are meant for relaxing and socializing. A place where friends and family come together. The family room also presents the perfect opportunity to make a statement and set a tone for your entire decorating style. Whether it’s a rustic, elegant or minimalist, modern or traditional you can gather inspiration from these five extraordinary homes below to create a family room where you can entertain family and friends.

Set against the backdrop of Paradise Valley’s Camelback Mountain, the stunning 1.4 acres of 4635 E Octotillo are a sight to behold. The entry courtyard is the feature that welcomes visitors to the property, while the invigorating spa is the one that makes them feel at-home. Hand-troweled moldings, an intricately carved limestone fireplace, and exposed wood finishes are the accents of the living room, while the signature of the professionally-styled chef's kitchen is, without doubt, the boveda-brick domed breakfast nook.

One of Paradise Valley’s crown jewels, 6151 Caballo is an intimate setting, ideally suited for both the limelight and moonlight depending upon the occasion. Living areas own richly exposed woodwork juxtaposed against clean, linen-like ceilings for a look and feel that is as distinct as the property itself. Enveloped in a generous helping of paned glass, the family room is featured in the best of ways as an outdoor space yet decidedly a part of the property’s surrounding landscape.   

A gated, north Scottsdale community, Desert Highlands caters to those in search of estate-sized luxury and comfort within a painted desert setting. At more than 5,700 square feet, this home is highlighted by sweeping views of Pinnacle Peak Mountain and greater Paradise Valley. Lounge lazily in the expansive living room where polished flagstone meets with floor to ceiling windows to create a seamless transition between indoor and out.

Nestled into Black Mountain and overlooking the beautiful town of Carefree, 6448 El Sendero is a home built to enjoy the serenity of the expansive Arizona desert from an unchallenged vantage. A gated entrance ensures round-the-clock privacy, while open architecture welcomes friends and family day or night. The family room is simultaneously modern and rustic with crisp, clean right angles of a contemporary architectural style contrasting perfectly with the natural, dissymmetry of the flagstone floor. 

Few homes can suggest—let alone offer—the cleanliness in design of 25290 N 90th Way. It is a delightful dose of modernism and genuine southwestern living. The living room is a place for quiet contemplation, a retreat where the steam rising off your cup of Blue Mountain coffee couldn’t be more appropriate. Let the morning light pour in, and the worries of yesteryear flow out. 

Welcome to Carefree, Arizona

Picture yourself removed from the traditional stressors of daily life.

See yourself in a real-life oasis. An oasis where you can interact freely with a warm, inviting community as easily as they can retreat within the privacy of their own homes.

What would that look like? What would it feel like? It would look and feel like Carefree, Arizona. Live Life Carefree.

Located just to the northeast of Phoenix, Carefree is a luxurious residential town nestled against the prominent posture of Black Mountain, and the tranquilly painted backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. Carefree calls for a lifestyle that is exactly that—carefree. The community offers all the comforts of urban living—ready access to world-class shopping, golf, dining, fine arts, schools, and hospitals—without the chaos of life in the city. It is an escape that requires nothing in the way of compromise. 

But there’s more to Carefree than access to urban amenities, it is a community buffered by beauty at every turn. The region is dotted with pristine hiking and biking trails, perfectly manicured golf courses, and exquisite green spaces like the 3.5 acre Carefree Desert Gardens, adorned with rare species desert plants and cacti.

On weekends, picnic at the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion while taking in a free concerts, or sneak down to the abundant farmer’s market to load up on bright, beautiful local produce. Anyway it’s examined, Carefree is a conduit to serene living. 

World-Class Golfing

For those who enjoy swinging the sticks and strolling the links, know that Carefree is—quite literally— surrounded by some of the finest golf-courses on the planet, including the:

One of these courses—Desert Mountain Club—will host the 2016 Charles Schwab Cup Championship from November 11–13, the season-ending event on the Champions Tour. The Cup Championship will feature the top 36 players on the Tour’s money list, as well as some of the most accomplished players in PGA Tour history. Whether playing or spectating, Carefree offers passionate golfers anything and everything they could possibly want in the way of world-class golf. 

The Perfect Property

While all of Carefree’s 1,900 properties encompass the definition of “perfection,” each does so in its own unique way. To understand that essence, look no further than two of the city’s most pristine properties, 7001 E Languid Lane, and 6448 El Sendero Road.

The Languid Lane

The Languid Lane

The Languid Lane is the architectural summation of everything Carefree, Arizona stands for.
A hacienda-styled property generously positioned between the region’s two geological icons—Black Mountain and Boulders—Languid Lane owns southwestern touches at every turn, including an unmistakably icon that is quintessential Arizona: a kiva fireplace. The hacienda-inspired home sits on 1.63 acres of lush desert paradise, laden with meandering pathways, rich stone patios, and countless species of native cacti. Lounge lazily by the pool, unwind in the elevated hot tub, or invite friends and family to enjoy an utterly mouthwatering meal prepared on the built-in barbeque. 

Pivot now to another Carefree property located on coveted El Sendero Road. This is a home high in luxury and sophistication. Elevated and overlooking Carefree below, this property enjoys the serenity of the expansive desert landscape from a vantage that is truly second-to-none. The estate at 6448 E El Sendero Road owns a more modern feel,with interior living spaces accentuated by bright, inviting open-air architecture, designed to bring the beauty of the outside world in. In this home, the surrounding landscape is a treasure to be highlighted, not hidden, which is why the use of glass both generous and exquisitely done.

The El Sendero

The El Sendero

Like Carefree, the El Sendero property has the capacity to be both warmly inviting, and ideally intimate, owning massive outdoor living spaces, as well as a privately gated entrance. And keep in mind these homes—7001 E Languid Lane and 6448 El Sendero Road—are just two of the available properties located in Carefree. 

Learn More About Carefree

Whether you’re a full time resident, investor, retiree, or someone simply in need of a winter time escape from northern climates, Carefree, Arizona caters to any and every need imaginable. This is resort-style living that seamlessly blends southwestern hospitality with the luxurious amenities traditionally confined to urban city-scapes. 

If you’d like to learn more about Carefree, Arizona and its innumerable offerings, contact Tricia Cormie at 6023596988 or email

Elevated Living on El Sendero Road

There’s living, and then there’s elevated living.

This property is the latter of the two.

Located at 6448 E El Sendero Road, this is a home high in both opulence and sophistication. Nestled on Black Mountain and overlooking the town of Carefree, this is an opportunity for ideal Arizona living. New owners will be able to enjoy the serenity of the expansive desert landscape from a vantage that is truly second-to-none.

The Outside Within

As with any home aspiring to offer an elevated experience, 6448 E El Sendero Road is an intimate escape from the toils of day-to-day life thanks to a gated entrance designed to ensure complete, round-the-clock privacy.

Inside the gates, follow the meticulously laid flagstone pathway past clean desert landscaping and brushed steel fountain to reach the main entryway and its striking artisan glass front door.

Passing through the door, it quickly becomes apparent this is no ordinary estate, but something closer to a luxurious resort. The interior living spaces are accentuated by inviting open architecture, the type of design that welcomes natural light during the day, and friends and family at night.

At every turn, one theme is ever-present—the views are a treasure to be highlighted, not hidden. The use of glass across the home is both generous and exquisitely done, making it impossible to miss the dazzling amber of an Arizona sunset and the soft twilight colors on the Boulders.

Unrivaled Amenities, Exquisite Finishes

6448 E El Sendero Road is—quite simply—modern, Arizona lux at its finest.

Every space inside this 6,063 square foot, 4-bedroom, 4 ½ bathroom home captures the essence of modern luxury living.

Glass, stone, wood, and copper make their presence amply known throughout the interior, including the kitchen, where clean lines, Sapele matching wood grain cabinetry, double islands, and high-end stainless steel appliances encourage culinary creativity.

But the coup de grâce—the retractable glass walls that allow for seamless passage between inside and out.

Step Outside

Once outside, feel free to soak in the sun with a refreshing beverage on any one of the three terraces built into the property, or take a refreshing dip in the expansive infinity pool overlooking the desert below.

And when winter does roll around, don’t retreat inside—spend that time relaxing in the heated poolside spa,enjoying a light meal beside the open-air fireplace, or gazing up at the stunning night sky.

The Hidden Gem

Yes, the main home and outdoor terraces of 6448 E El Sendero are nothing short of spectacular, but the six-car garage is a gem all-to-often overlooked. Iron-clad glass-paneled garage doors create a living, breathing showroom for your prized mobile possessions. Collectors and connoisseurs beware; there is no better private garage in the area, which makes 6448 E El Sendero an oasis fit for any true automotive aficionado.