When people think of life in greater Phoenix, they think of many things including spectacular sunny days, meticulously manicured golf courses, stunning swimming pools, and a life that goes far beyond ordinary.

But the one thing they don’t think of?


More specifically, world-class music.

But they should!

In addition to being home to some of the best concert venues in the country like the Crescent Ballroom and University of Phoenix Stadium—frequented by artists like Don McLean, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and the Eagles—this desert city is also home to America’s finest music museum:

The Musical Instrument Museum

Located just south of the 101 and Tatum,  the Musical History Museum (more commonly known as the MIM) is the world’s largest museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, and display of musical instruments.

Though less than a decade old, the museum has already become a weekend highlight amongst Phoenix locals who enjoy exploring the more than 15,000 musical instruments in the museum’s collection.

Not only are there galleries representing different cultures and regions, there are various special exhibits that feature the prized possessions of some of music’s most famous figures. Among other things, these exhibits include Elvis Presley’s guitar, Roy Orbison’s first Grammy, Johnny Cash’s legendary black suit, and the Steinway piano John Lennon used to write Imagine.

But concerts at the Crescent Ballroom, and displays at the Musical Instrument Museum aren’t necessarily the best places to hear music in the desert.

Sometimes, the best place to hear the music of the desert is right inside your very own home.

And for homes with a knack for knowing how music should sound and feel, 5676 E Cheney Drive and 9701 E Happy Valley Road, No. 13 know few equals.


In addition to being everything one should expect in trying to define Arizona luxury, both homes own incredible entertaining areas that are simply perfect for holding the signature feature of every music aficionado’s home—the grand piano.


Whether you’re playing your favorite sonata in quiet solidarity or inviting a professional pianist to come and entertain your guests while you host a summer barbecue or seasonal Christmas party, both of these homes are ideal for enjoying everything that’s wonderful about live music.

Both 5676 E Cheney Drive and 9701 E Happy Valley Road, No. 13 are just a short drive from the MIM and its concert venue, the MIM Music Theater—an intimate, 300-seat space where more than 200 artists perform annually.